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This time can historically call as a new stage both for exhibition activities and artists’ works. Previous years and beginning of a new century foretold transition and future turbulence. The society thought of development of new approaches to regular things. The society more and more focused on stable development, climate changes, technological progress, equality, cultural and national diversity. A spectrum of interests and possibilities of the individual was expended. Thanks to advanced information carriers, the knowledge exchange intensity is increased. Separate groups and nations gained additional possibility to demonstrate their unique traditions, culture, as well as to express their opinion. New attention should help them to be heard and distinguished.

Cultural initiatives lead to a dialog between people located in different places. Discussed problems cause addressing to historical studies, analysis of events and determination of problems, which will be solved by people of the Earth within next decades. Each possibility to meet is a chance to look around, listen to and merge with what we have, try to save this capital and face the future.

The Chuvash modern art biennale is a new event on the map of Russia. “X Stories” topic was created in the republic aiming to be a participant of latest cultural processes. Artists with different life experience, of all ages and nations are invited to the event, in order to think together of ethnos matters, folk art and habits, which are our second nature, try to pave the way from global things to local ones and vice versa using art. The more diverse matters for studies, art methods and practices, the more expressive the exhibition, and the more unique result.
We invite to participate Russian and foreign artists of all ages. You can create a unique project in any medium specially for the biennale or offer already implemented or planned project, if you think that it is enough fit the topic declared by managers.
Beginning of 20s, XXI century, was marked by global change of the cultural agenda
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