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The Chuvash Biennale of Contemporary Art is an exhibition that is scheduled to take place in November-December 2022 in the city of Cheboksary.
Today's cultural landscape tends towards geographical diversity and decentralization. Museums are opening branches in the regions, cities are organizing festivals, and creative residencies are appearing in villages.
Why the Chuvash Biennale of Contemporary Art?
The main focus of the Chuvash Biennale of Contemporary Art will be a new reading and comprehension of traditional arts and crafts (embroidery, carving, and painting) in the context of contemporary culture.
The Chuvash Biennale will also look at the cultures and traditions of different ethnographic groups – language, belief system, holidays, and national cuisine.
Biennale refers to an art exhibition, festival, or creative competition that is held every two years. The most famous biennale is the Venice Biennale, which has existed since 1895.
The Biennale as a format may present contemporary artistic practices with a focus on the region's cultural code.
The Biennale involves a program on several sites in the city, includes local population in the dialogue, uses the entire infrastructure of the region, and generates an influx of tourists.
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